Tarot Readings

The flat rate for tarot readings is $15.

How it works

  • While you think of your query, I will shuffle the deck. You tell me when to stop, and then the reading will begin.

  • I will typically do a general spread to talk about your query, and then afterwards you can ask additional questions.

  • If you like, I can take a photo of the cards after the reading if I can. I will upload it to imgur or to a cloud if imgur isn't behaving.

  • "I don't have a question." That's fine. Tarot will just do a general reading and pick up what is the most important topic to discuss.

Some points and rules

  • I do not require you to believe in tarot or mysticism in order to give you a reading.

  • You may tell me your query at the beginning or you can withhold it and see what the cards reveal on their own.

  • Please no debates on whether mysticism/tarot/etc. is real or not. I respect that you have your beliefs, but debates just take up too much time and energy that I don't want to spare.

  • "I am a skeptic and don't want to debate, but I have some questions." That's fine, ask away. But I will turn down the conversation if it starts to turn into a debate.

  • "I want to learn tarot." At this time, I will only teach close friends. I may consider workshops in the future.

  • I may have to delay or schedule a reading if it is too late at night, or if I'm just too busy.

If nothing else has been covered here that you need, please ask me.